Yamanashi specialties: Autumn leaves, peaches and grapes | Yamanashi Prefecture

Shosenkyo Gorge, one of the most beautiful canyons in Japan, is a major tourist attraction of Yamanashi Prefecture as well as a Japan Heritage site. There is a walkway that goes past beautifully colored leaves, rocks in various shapes, and a clear stream. Sengataki Waterfall in particular is the most famous spot in Shosenkyo Gorge. This magnificent waterfall, thirty meters high, is one of Japan's top 100 waterfalls.
Yamanashi Prefecture is also known for peaches and grapes. Yamanashi produce is very popular in Japan. The climate of Yamanashi is suitable for growing high quality fruit. In spring and summer, there are a lot of tourists for fruit-picking, who enjoy freshly picked Yamanashi fruit.

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