Echizenn Gani (Echizen crab) | Fukui prefecture

"Echizen Gani", the king of winter taste on the Echizen coast
"Echizen Gani no Machi", Echizen Town.

Echizen is known as the top brand of snow crabs in Japan, and is a male snow crab landed in Fukui prefecture. Echizen fishing port, Mikuni port, Tsuruga port, and Obama port are the landing ports of Echizen, and Echizen town, which boasts the best landing in Fukui prefecture, is known as the real town.

The history of snow crab fishing in Echizen is said to be the oldest in Japan, and the oldest record in which the name "Echizen crab" appears is "Echizen crab" in the diary of Sanetaka Sanjo Nishi, who lived in Kyoto during the Muromachi period in 1511. You can see it with the expression. By this time, it is speculated that snow crab was already caught in Echizen no Kuni (now Fukui Prefecture) and was also transported to Kyoto.

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