Come to Enoshima Anytime!! | Kanagawa Prefecture

Enoshima is a tiny island in the south of Kanagawa, only one hour away from Tokyo. You can enjoy Enoshima with family, friends or partners at any season. There are scenic Enoshima Electric Railway, a.k.a Enoden, running along the Sagami Bay coast, a beatiful view of Mt. Fuji, insta worhy local foods, a glowing iconic lighthouse and so on and so forth. Also this is the place where many movies, TV series and anime took place.

Brand new Japanese TV series was shot in Enoshima in 2021:
“Accomplishment of fudanshi bartender(腐男子バーテンダーの嗜み/腐男調酒師的嗜好 )”
Channel: WAKUWAKU JAPAN (Taiwan only)
On Air: #1 December 26 | 24:10~24:40, #2 December 27 | 24:00~24:30
Re-Air: #1,2 December 28 | 24:30~25:30
#1,2 December 31 | 25:20~26:20

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